Envirosense Water Heaters Provide Warmth and Peace of Mind

Cricket Home Comfort is your source for high-efficiency, reliable water heating and home comfort equipment. And with the frigid winter weather finally hitting the Greater Toronto Area, the last thing people want to come home to is a cold shower.

Fear not, hot water will always be readily available with the Envirosense® Power and Power Direct Vents. Both water heaters are highly efficient, and both are equipped with a fully submerged, spiral shaped condensing heat exchanger. These two pieces of equipment each offer their own unique qualities as well, some of which you can explore below.

Envirosense Power Direct Vent

This intelligently designed, 100,000 BTU ENERGY STAR qualified Envirosense Power Direct Vent gas water heater, has a 50 or 75 gallon storage capacity and 96 per cent thermal efficiency and hot water output. Most other water heaters reach 80 per cent efficiency.

It is available in natural gas or propane, and has a large LCD display for easy reading. This water heater has a glass-lined tank with two magnesium anode rods which provides superior protection against corrosion and can support vent runs up to 45 or 128 equivalent feet.

Envirosense Power Vent

The versatile 76,000 BTU gas Envirosense Power Vent has a 90 per cent thermal efficiency and higher hot water output tha n standard 78 per cent efficient water heaters. The premium-grade hot surface igniter eliminates the need for a standing pilot.

This water heater is very resistant to corrosion, and has a diffuser dip tube which helps reduce lime and sediment build-up.

It can be installed with a 2” pipe allowing vent runs up to 25 equivalent feet, 3” pipe allowing vent runs up to 65 equivalent f eet and 4” pipe allows vent runs up to 125 equivalent feet.

Take comfort in knowing the heat is always on. It’s time you think Cricket when it comes to your energy.

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